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Countries that we can process Visa


The Sunshine Global group helps potential students &visitors to Australia with the Australian visa application.


Study Package Available

All fee after receipt of visa


United Kingdom

With or Without IELTS

Post Study Work Permit


3Month Study + 6 months paid internship.

Pathway programs to Australia, UK, Canada, etc.


          Tuition fee - After visa

1 Month Study + 11 months Paid Internship


Located in the Indian Ocean 

6 Month Study + 6 Month paid Internship

Tuition fee after getting the visa


Schengen & Non Shengen


Italy offers foreign students 100% Scholarship

     (Free Education)


Sure Visa - No Interview

Student can carry tuition fee in hand & can pay himself after arrives in Russia


Tuition fee can be paid after getting the visa


Universities in Ukraine have a lower fee compare to other countries.

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Expert Team

I had a wonderful experience with Immigration Experts Team. I am planning for Skilled migration to Australia.

Professional Service

At Professional Immigration Services, our clients come first. Every client is treated with courtesy and is guaranteed assistance with all facets of the immigration.

Great Support

Immigration is the international movement of people to a destination country of which they are Europe makes the average European better off.

Technical Skills

In-Demand Skills Stream is an immigration stream under.If you are experiencing technical issues with applying online

Highly Recomended

They made the entire spousal visa process seamless and painless and were always there to answer questions or provide support. Highly recommended!.

Positive Reviews

A free inside look at immigration consultant reviews for other companies. Customer Service Representative Positive work experience

Ajit pal

Finally I found someone who I can really trust. Staff of SunshineConsultant is very friendly and promptly helpful. They saved my money by getting me scholarship and found me a reasonable accommodation near the campus. I would love to recommend their services who is willing to study abroad.

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Note: Tuition fees & currency may vary some time. Please contact the company directly for the most accurate information.