Paid Hospitality Internship in France

The « Hospitality Internship France » program offers students the opportunity to explore different career paths related to their field of study by interning at a company in France.

The program offers a unique way to acquire professional qualifications and to enhance the skills and knowledge of qualified trainees in their fields while benefiting from first-hand exposure to French culture and business practices.

What to expect: 

Participants in the program are offered internship/entry-level positions in the tourism and hospitality industry- hotels, resorts, retail stores, restaurants, pubs, business marketing, ski resorts. Summer is the busiest time for seasonal jobs in the Atlantic and Mediterranean cities and also at ski resorts in the French Alps. 


You will be paid by law 1/3 of the salary in France which is around 554 Euro per month. Students may get tips or percentage of sales. All salaries are paid by check or bank wire at the end of each month, eventually at the beginning of the month. 

Participants must arrive in France with sufficient funds for their first month of stay (minimum 1,500 Euros) Participants can’t ask for advance. 

Schedule/work hours: 

The legal working hours in France is 35 hours a week. Depending on positions, students may work between 30 and 40 hours. 

Housing and Meals: 

The employer will provide FREE place to stay and meals

 Property ;4 to 5 star

Duration: 6months or 12 months

Location:  any city of France. 


• Be at least 18 years old 

• Be a full-time student at a tertiary institution (university, college …) in their home country 

• Hold a valid passport 

• Be mature, flexible, open-minded, able to adapt and willing to experience new situations