It gives me immense pleasure to be taking part in such an organization that strives and works at its best to be recognized as one of the finest of counsellors. We as Sunshine Global Group stand firm together in helping students with their future goals and plans with sheer honesty and determination.

In very little time we’ve managed to reach milestones that at first we thought could be tough, but with a lot of hard work and perseverance we’ve successfully managed to create ties with Australia, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, North Cyprus, Turkey and Azerbaijan; and we’re trying our best to created firm bridges that would lead students in the rest of the countries further as well.

As we move in further helping students create a foundation towards success, I assure you that we will provide with the right amount of information and support through this website and in person as well when you choose to seek our consultancy.  Our highly qualified counselors work hard enough to make complex procedures easier and will continue to do so as long as we remain.

I wish all the students best of luck with all the hard work they’re putting in to build staunch branches towards a brighter future. We promise if you knock on our doors, we’ll make sure we lift you up towards your goals.

Thank you,

Sunshine Global Group